• On Being Yourself


    "It is of utmost importance in this hour for the man who takes the oath of office of President of the United States to remember the words of Ezekiel: 'thou art man and not God.'" In his radio sermon on February 5, 1961, Rabbi Olan delves into questions around how we know our true selves while asserting why we must remember our humanity and our humility no matter what part we play — or what power we have — in...

  • Welcome!


    The mission of this blog is to stimulate interest in the deeply perceptive and still-relevant teachings of Levi A. Olan (1903-1984) by sharing from the Levi A. Olan Sermons and Images at Bridwell Library Digital Collection. The title "Conscience of the City" was applied to Rabbi Olan by a Fortune magazine reporter in 1964. Although Olan's city was Dallas, his thought transcends locality. Our goal is to...

  • We are born

    “We are born as part of a great and wonderful universe which is working out a dramatic story in which we may play a role. We are born to ask the question, “what is my task? What is my duty?”

    -Rabbi Levi A. Olan. From “The Book of Lamentations – The Unyielding Believer,” broadcast February 17, 1963.