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    The mission of this blog is to stimulate interest in the deeply perceptive and still-relevant teachings of Levi A. Olan (1903-1984) by sharing from the Levi A. Olan Sermons and Images at Bridwell Library Digital Collection. The title "Conscience of the City" was applied to Rabbi Olan by a Fortune magazine reporter in 1964. Although Olan's city was Dallas, his thought transcends locality. Our goal is to...

  • Rabbi Olan spoke out for peace in 1936

    In 1936, with a world war looming, Rabbi Olan spoke out for peace in a series of in-person and radio addresses sponsored by the nation-wide Emergency Peace Campaign, according to the Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT), 22 October 1936. In an Armistice Day speech, Olan stated: “War breeds the darkest forces in a man’s heart. War was responsible for the whole crazy scheme that now engulfs the world. We cannot make the world safe for democracy—but we can preserve our own heritage, the America whose cradle is liberty and whose home is a living democracy.”.

    – Rabbi Levi A. Olan. From an Armistice Day address.

  • The Parasite in our Midst


    “Once we grasp the essential meaning of our existence, we can respond to the injustices and inequities around us.” Intelligent design theories question and challenge Darwin’s famed idea of the survival of the fittest via …

  • Doing Something about Anxiety

    “Whatever else religion is or is not, this is common and central to it wherever and whenever it appears – it affirms the meaning of life.  This much is sure, where there is genuine faith there is no room for anxiety.”

    – Rabbi Levi A. Olan. From “Doing Something About Anxiety,” broadcast Feb. 14, 1965.

  • Right Will Prevail


    “It is solemnly and piously announced that God, justice, and truth will always prevail.” Sometimes it’s difficult to believe in God or a higher power, especially when it seems that everything is going wrong. In …

  • Electronics have shrunk our world

    “Electronics have shrunk our world so that a word and a picture occurring in one place in the world may be heard and seen in every corner of it.”

    – Rabbi Levi A. Olan. From “On Legislating Morality”, broadcast November 29, 1964.
  • Peace depends…

    “Peace depends upon how faithfully and capably we translate our ideals of equality and justice into laws.”

    – Rabbi Levi A. Olan. From “On Legislating Morality”, broadcast November 29, 1964.