Getting Rid of Our Guilts

“Guilt, it appears, festers and grows until it dominates our lives with fear and trembling.”

I have heard it said jokingly that guilt is the gift that keeps on giving. Without using these exact words, Rabbi Levi Olan affirmed the concept in his December 22, 1968 radio sermon. Guilt, which is a universal human experience, grows within relentlessly until it is resolved. Unresolved guilt produces fear and mental anguish, then it amplifies them. This can lead to illness and relational problems. Because guilt is both personal and corporate, unresolved guilt can also lead to social problems.

So what can we do with and about our guilt? How can we find relief? Rabbi Olan’s wisdom on this topic is available to all who will read his sermon, “Getting Rid of Our Guilts.” You can do that by activating the READ button below.

Follow this link to read the sermon text.

*Written by Tim Binkley*