What Our Children Can Inherit From Us

“If we who are older are loyal to the good and the true no matter how much it costs, the young will learn to choose their moral standards with dignity and character.”

Rabbi Levi Olan’s December 1, 1968 radio sermon was one of several that he preached on the topic of parenting. Speaking to parents (and perhaps grandparents), his question of the day was what can our children inherit from us beyond physical traits and bequests? His answer was maturity, sound values, and moral character: “three basic personality traits towards which parents can condition their children.” The hard part is that they must be modeled in order to be taught.

Beyond parenting, Rabbi Olan used this sermon to object to the hollowness of American society and the toxicity of insatiable consumerism. Then, in an unexpected turn, who did he suggest could teach us a thing or two? “The young hippies, the flower children….

Kind of countercultural, isn’t it? Please read or listen to the entire sermon and let Rabbi Olan (and the hippies!) help you refocus on the best things in life, like the quest for beauty and love.

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*Written by Tim Binkley*