Living Demands Wisdom

“The truth is that life requires more than knowledge. We need to become wise.”

On November 10, 1968, Rabbi Olan spoke about the modern (and post-modern) dilemma of people being inundated with facts and information- more knowledge than ever before- but lacking something just as necessary to life as data: wisdom. Do we value wisdom today? Do we even know what wisdom is? Can it be taught? Few schools (if any) offer coursework on how to become wise.

Rabbi Olan urged his listeners who wanted to know about wisdom to consider what the Bible teaches about it. I won’t give away his three-point thesis on Biblical wisdom. However, I will reveal that as you read this sermon (and I hope you will), you will find some familiar themes within such as “the foolishness of modern atheism,” the problem of religious immaturity, “the danger of our growing secularism,” and the conviction that there is a moral order to the universe that must not be ignored.

“When the modern practical man disdains the idealism of the Bible perhaps we had better bluntly remind him that his worldly approach is not doing too well. Indeed, we are in desperate need of some wisdom right now if we want to save ourselves from total destruction. It seems to be true that the more knowledge we acquire, the more wise we need to become.”

To enhance your wisdom, read on!

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*Written by Tim Binkley*