Making Sense Of Nonsense

“What we need to learn above all else is that by nature we are doers.”

In his radio sermon from October 18, 1964, Rabbi Olan debates the contrasting roles of the pessimists and the optimists in understanding man’s role and function in the world.

While including many references to the Bible and God’s role as Creator, Rabbi Olan also explores the way we balance work with indulgence and how automation is taking over so many aspects of what man has historically been known to create himself — certainly an issue that is much discussed today as well.

Ultimately Rabbi Olan says, “Life is not a bowl of cherries. It is only too often rough and hard, stubborn and unyielding. But that is exactly why you are here, to make sense out of all this non-sense. It is important however, for you to remember that you do not have to do it alone.”

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