The Gift of Memory

“What a blessing it is to remember.”

In his October 20, 1968 radio sermon, Rabbi Olan spoke about memory. He began with a brief nod to the importance of remembering bad experiences and learning from them. “Memory is one of man’s most effective weapons for survival.” While this was worth noting, the self-preservation aspect of human memory was not Olan’s main concern. Instead, perhaps unexpectedly, he turned a reflection on memory into an extended discourse on mortality.

The interplay of mortality and memory: that is a deeper matter worthy of Rabbi Olan’s attention and ours. “Remembering dear ones now absent can transform our whole system of values.”

Because life is short, be sure to read this sermon today.

“Remembering, we may grow wise and know what is really good, and true, and beautiful.”

Follow this link to read the sermon text.

*Written by Tim Binkley*