Faith That Is Doing

“In the Prophetic view God is a law-giver, the author of both physical and moral law. The violation of either can prove fatal.”

As 1962 drew to a close, Rabbi Olan spoke challenging words to a society that he called a morally sick and disillusioned generation. The exciting promises of the early twentieth century had led to unimaginable death and destruction, not peace and harmony. Something was missing from our national life. Rabbi Olan called it “the prophetic view of life.” To learn more about this active faith that calls us to do and not just to think about spiritual matters, follow the links below.

“There is no escape from the laws of justice and kindness. Any society that is indifferent to the cry of the poor, the helpless aged, the unfortunate, must come under the judgment of the Judge of the universe. ”

(Rabbi Olan Psalm 23, Isaiah, Habakkuk, Jeremiah, Micah, and Archibald MacLeish.)