The Poor Condemn Us

“Providing for the poor has been for both Jews and Christians a prime religious duty.”

Speaking to Dallasites and other North Texans on October 21, 1962, Rabbi Olan declared that privilege and prosperity come with some serious responsibilities. The poor deserve our respect and compassion. We who have much are called to help the struggling as stewards of God’s good gifts.

“For those of us who claim any commitment at all to the God of justice and of love, we are unfaithful to Him so long as we remain unmindful of the pain and hurt of the poor.”

Have you heard the call? What are you doing to assist those in need? What is the role of good government in addressing the causes and effects of poverty? May Rabbi Olan’s message move us to earnest discussion and fruitful actions.

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(Rabbi Olan quotes Jeremiah 6:14, Deuteronomy 15:11, and Tobit 4:10.)