Belief in a Living God

“Is America acting as a nation as though it is really under God? Are we as individuals living our daily lives as though God truly exists?”

Does God exist? On October 14, 1962 Rabbi Olan asked this question, not because he doubted the existence of God, but because he was troubled by those who claimed to believe in God but whose lives showed little godly influence. Likewise, since 1954 Americans had recited “One nation under God” as part of the Pledge of Allegiance. But was our nation really acting as though God had any say in our national life? The God of the Bible demands justice, mercy, humility, and love for others.

“To believe in God is to accept [God’s] purpose and make it our own.”

This sermon is a thoughtful call to action for people of faith and conviction. To read the entire message, follow this link to the Bridwell Library database.

(Rabbi Olan quotes Matthew 25:40, Isaiah 2:3, and Micah 6:8.)