The Conservative-Liberal Debate

“Every nation and every church or synagogue is better prepared for its growth and strength if it has an on-going healthy debate between those who want to change and those who are guardians of the past.” 

Rabbi Olan begins his sermon, “The Conservative-Liberal Debate,” broadcast on March 18, 1962, with a history of this debate.  It has a long history, going back at least to Biblical times.  He discusses several issues…medical care, education, urban development…from both points of view.  He teaches us that neither position is the only answer to the questions of our lives.  He says that a society needs both positions expressed within it, as a clock has a slow hand and a fast one.

“Let us pray that we in this nation  will appreciate our common purpose and respect each other’s integrity and loyalty so that we may find strength in our differences.” 

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*Written by guest blogger Elizabeth Hirsch.

(Rabbi Olan quotes W. S. Gilbert and the Talmud.)