Morality and Nuclear Testing

“Those who urge continued nuclear testing invite not only the possible death of mankind by radiation, but the possibility of a nuclear explosion by accident, miscalculation, or fear. The choice we must make is not a moral one but a practical and reasonable one.”


Rabbi Olan’s radio sermon on April 15, 1962 includes many debates that continue today. The morality of war, the danger of nuclear strength, the struggle between global super powers….

“In truth there is no moral issue to be resolved, it is too far gone for that. The question is one of expediency and wisdom so that we may live with some semblance of human dignity.”

Rabbi Olan delivered this radio sermon on the first anniversary of the Bay of Pigs and six months before the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the threat of nuclear war would become very real. With our recent headlines about nuclear testing in North Korea and Iran, such questions and debate are still incredibly relevant.

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