Communism and the Biblical Tradition

“Communism and the Biblical faith are in conflict over the primary issue of the nature of the universe and man’s role in it.”

On Sunday, April 1, 1962, Rabbi Olan discussed the conflicting world views of Communism and religion. Communism is secular, materialistic, and mechanistic. The Biblical or religious mindset acknowledges a spiritual universe, the dignity of the human being, and a sense of working with God to build a new, better world for all. Olan warned his listeners about the growing materialism and secularism in our own society. While villifying Communism and Fascism, the United States was beginning to resemble its Cold War advarsaries philosophically. Today the similarities seem even more striking. Read, listen, or watch, and see if you agree.

“Where there is no God, men play the role of God and when men become gods let all men beware.”

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(In this sermon #RabbiOlan quotes John 8:32.)