In the Face of Fear

“The answer to fear is courage. Our question is how can we find such courage to meet the fears of our lives.”

In his sermon of December 24, 1961, “In the Face of Fear,” Rabbi Olan discussed fear – fear as different from anxiety, from panic… what is normal fear, what is not. He tells us that the answer to fear is courage. Olan asks how we can find courage, and what courage requires of us.

“If we are to have the courage to live we must get out of our terrible sense of immediacy and lift ourselves to a view of time and history.”

“Courage is possible only for him who can see beyond himself and his limited vision of time.”

    *Written by guest blogger Elizabeth Olan Hirsch*

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    (Note: Rabbi Olan quotes Paul Tillich, Norman Cousins, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Franklin D. Roosevelt, Arnold Toynbee, and the Book of Daniel.)