Marriages Are Made in Heaven

“Marriages are not made in heaven nor are they arranged in hell.”

In an era when divorces were just as common as marriages (meaning both 1969 and today), Rabbi Olan invited his listeners to think about who makes a good marriage and what makes a good marriage. The answers that he offered will not be surprising to those who have followed this blog.

In modern (and post-modern) America, we are free to choose whom we will marry. Neither God nor our parents will make that difficult decision for us. To some extent, choosing a marriage partner is a gamble. The results are not guaranteed. But we are free to choose, and with freedom comes responsibility.

As a concerned spiritual leader and caregiver, Rabbi Olan shared his insights about finding good marriage partners and making good marriages. He was speaking with young adults in mind. However, Olan’s message seems applicable to adults of all ages who are seeking a life partner.

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*Written by Tim Binkley*


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