Science – Another False Messiah

“Science is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

Rabbi Olan concluded the broadcast year on April 27, 1969 with a sermon containing familiar themes.* One of these was the assertion that humans are spiritual beings who are prone to invent their own gods in order to find comfort, protection, and hope. He then identified science as the latest and greatest of the gods to be elevated to a place of honor (worship?) by humanity. As with the creation of all idols (man-made alternate gods), this was problematic.

There are practical reasons for believing in and relying on the efficacy of science. Rabbi Olan was no enemy of science. However, he was concerned about the trend of thinking that science is all that we need. I encourage you to read Olan’s message about having faith in science, having faith in God, and not confusing the two. You can do that by activating the “Read” link below.

As you read, please consider Olan’s statement that “The heated debate between the Darwinians and the theologians is now a forgotten memory except for a few fundamentalists.” Is his observation still true today? If not, how have matters changed, and why?

Follow this link to read the sermon text.

*Written by Tim Binkley*

*See also Rabbi Olan’s February 25, 1962 sermon “Science Is Not Enough”.