The Ideal Religious Person

“If you would answer for yourself the question ‘Am I a religious person?’ then, measure your life by the standards of Biblical picture of an ideal religious person, Moses.”

The 1960s was a decade of deep conflict in the United States. Somewhat antithetically, the 1960s was also a time of great idealism in our nation. Or perhaps I should say great idealisms. Much of the social conflict was linked to competing visions of what we as people and as a nation ought to be.

In his March 23, 1969 sermon, Rabbi Olan taught about the personal embodiment of religious ideals. His thesis was that those who want to know what an ideal religious person is should look to the life of Moses for inspiration. As the sermon unfolded, Olan revealed four ideal traits demonstrated by Moses. Those traits were… and are… worthy of our consideration. I could name them here, but instead I will defer to Rabbi Olan. Through his writings, he continues to teach.

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*Written by Tim Binkley*