People Who See God

“Is it possible in this day of reason and science for anyone to say that he [sic] saw God?”

In his March 2, 1969 radio sermon, Rabbi Levi Olan taught that seeing is more than a physical sensation of the eyes. Sometimes when we say that we see something, we are actually speaking of perception, not sight. Do you see what I mean? If so, how are we to understand people who say they have seen God? Are they speaking of sight, insight, or something else?

In this sermon Rabbi Olan discussed two important aspects of religious faith: experience and reason. Are they exclusive opposites, or can these two forces be held together in creative tension? To explore this question and its implications for life, read the sermon “People Who See God.”

“Over every altar, there should be inscribed in shining letters the Biblical command “Know before whom thou standest”. This is true both inside a Church or Synagogue as it is on the street and in our homes.”

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*Written by Tim Binkley*