Fear–The Blessing and the Curse

“A fearless man [sic] is either a fool or crazy and had better be locked up for his own safety. Let us be grateful that we can still be afraid. It will help us survive.”

Here in this sermon delivered on February 9, 1969, Rabbi Olan refers to the aspect of fear that is a blessing.  He even suggests that fear is the beginning of faith in God.

But then he turns to the cursed aspect of fear – our unhealthy fears, and what we can do about them.  Faith in God, and in God’s moral laws, yes.

And humor.  “‘God sits in His heaven and laughs,’ the Psalmist tells us.  And why shouldn’t He?  Looking down upon our charade on earth, He sees the funniest show in the universe.”

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*Written by Joshua F. Hirsch*