God and Auschwitz

Somehow life and religion can never be the same after Auschwitz.

In the light of intense human cruelty and suffering, it is natural to ask “Where is God?” and “Why doesn’t God intervene?” Is God unable to stop genocides and wars? If God is able, but does not choose to act, is God unconcerned about human welfare, or worse, a demonic accomplice? A third possible answer to the frequent triumph of evil on a grand scale is that God does not exist at all. Perhaps there is no beneficent Creator to whom we may appeal for protection.

Concerning this third line of thought (atheism), Rabbi Olan said: “There is a better answer.” To discover Olan’s better answer, please click on one of the links below.

Crises draw some people toward religion and cause others to lose faith. What is your experience? Do you have any better answers to the problem of evil and suffering (theodicy)?

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*Written by Tim Binkley*