What Do You Want From God?

“If we could meet God, we might ask Him the same question which Jeremiah put to Him. Why do the righteous suffer and why do the wicked prosper?”

It is not an uncommon thought that humans have evolved since our beginnings as a species and even before we became a species. On December 24, 1967 Rabbi Olan proposed a parallel idea that is not often discussed. Just as humans have evolved, so has God. God is evolving along with us. As we are becoming more fully human, God is becoming more fully divine.

This concept may seem jarring at first, but please don’t discount it until after you read this week’s sermon. The evolution of God may actually help us understand some matters that seem to be without explanation, particularly the question of theodicy as posed by Job, Jeremiah, and many people today.

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*Written by Tim Binkley*