Fear and Anxiety

“A fearless person is a fool who should be locked up for his own good.” “There is much about us which we ought to fear and about which we had better worry if we want to survive.”

Ours is an anxious and fearful age. So was Rabbi Olan’s. In his radio sermon of April 9, 1967 Olan attempted to help his listeners improve their lives by understanding the difference between fear (a healthy response to a real threat leading to action) and anxiety (an unhealthy, constant state of fear of everything, even unreal threats, that produces inaction).

Out of concern for the well-being of his listeners and of our nation, Olan shared several techniques for lessening anxiety, mixing insights from psychology and religion. I invite you to read the sermon and see what you think. Are his observations valid and his suggestions helpful? Does his advice seem outdated or still relevant? Do you have any anxiety-taming advice to share with this blog’s readers?

Follow this link to read the sermon text.

*Written by Tim Binkley*