Life Should Be an Adventure

“Rapid change has a harmful effect upon many people. They find it difficult, and sometimes impossible to adjust. The result is expressed in a fear of the uncertainty and insecurity of the world they inhabit. The whole value system which once assured them that some things are right and others are wrong seems no longer to exist. Good and evil are confused. It is no wonder that many people feel lost.”

The subject of this sermon of November 13, 1966 is the difficulty of dealing with the quickening pace of change in our world.  Rabbi Olan argues that we have to face change, and he has words of warning for those who would try to avoid change or return to a simpler time – personally or politically.

“There was a point in the exodus of the Hebrew people from Egypt when they became discouraged and wanted to go back to Egypt.  Moses himself wavered at this point and asked God to tell him what to do.  The answer he received there is the basic answer to every person who lives in this changing world.  ‘Thus saith the Lord, “Tell the people of Israel to go forward.”’”

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*Written by Joshua F. Hirsch*