We Need Not Fail

October 16, 1966

“Our vows are no vows, our oaths are no oaths, our resolutions are no resolutions.”The Kol Nidrei

Are you plagued by a pattern of unkept promises that you have made to yourself? Are you troubled by thoughts of your unfulfilled dreams? If so, Rabbi Olan has a special message for you: past performance does not guarantee future results. Change is possible. Growth happens. Don’t underestimate yourself or God. Don’t give up!

“People are capable of far more than they know. One goes on vowing, pledging, promising, time and again with failure after failure. Yet, at some point we break through, or if you will, the hidden in us comes out and we have won a victory in a place in our lives where we had failed over and over again.”

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*Written by Timothy Binkley*