Tested by Trouble

Religion must have something better to say in times of great suffering than, ‘It is God’s will, have faith.'”

Are you troubled by the circumstances of your life and the times in which we live? If so, Rabbi Olan’s April 24, 1966 sermon might be just what you need. In “Tested by Trouble,” Olan stepped into the deep waters of theodicy: the debate over how a perfectly good, almighty, and all-knowing God can permit evil and suffering.

Rabbi Olan taught that the idea of an untroubled life is a fallacy. Distress and suffering come to all of us. While in the midst of a crisis, we often encounter religious and philosophical platitudes that do not satisfy. Eschewing these, Olan recommended instead that we look for “a constructive use of trouble.”

To discover what he meant, and what God’s place is in all of this, read the sermon or listen to his powerful delivery through the links below.


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*Written by Tim Binkley.*