For a Time Like This

The first half of this week’s sermon, written January 30, 1966, is about the end of the world, and with his usual timelessness, Rabbi’s Olan’s words feel at least as relevant today as they must have in 1966 when he wrote them.  He quotes H.G. Wells: “A frightful queerness has come into life.  Hitherto events have been held together by a certain logical consistency…  The writer is convinced that there is no way out, or around, or through the impasse.  It is the end.”
In the second half of the sermon, Olan asks one of his usual big, idealistic questions – one that has yet to be answered.  Is there a way of educating people that can prove Wells wrong?  Is there a pedagogy through which people “can be educated to live in this world”?

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*Written by Joshua F. Hirsch.*