On Being Displeased with God

In today’s strange and uncertain atmosphere, it is all but certain that many of us are less than thrilled with God. Why is there a pandemic? Why are so many people suffering? Shouldn’t God be intervening on our behalf? Yet, in his sermon of April 11, 1965, Rabbi Olan asserts that “the time has come to know God in a different way; a God who is not all-powerful, even though He is unlimited in his love.” He compares our relationship with God to that of a parent and child. There are simply some things that the parent cannot do, even if they wanted to and so they suffer along with the child. Perhaps what Rabbi Olan is saying is that we must also acknowledge that God is a “limited deity” and our current struggles and displeasure with Him will result in a stronger faith that will see us through, as it always has.

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*Written by Anjelica N. Ruiz.*