Do Not Cheat Your Child

“Much, too much emphasis is placed by parents upon preparing the child to live as an adult at the expense of his needs as a child. He need not be looked upon as always father to the man. He is a person in his own right whose needs are real and vital to him. His world is full of wonder, excitement, pain and fear. He is open to beauty and glory, joy and holiness.”

In this sermon of March 7, 1965, Rabbi Olan asserts that parents who neglect the religious education of their children are, in fact, cheating them. Religion teaches children about the many wonders contained in the world, how to be curious, and the principles by which they should conduct their life. Olan believes that children have the right to find God, so that they may “grow so that the Lord will be with [them].” Indeed, by giving children this right, we are giving them the tools they will need as they grow up.

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*Written by Anjelica N. Ruiz.*