Slander – An Unforgivable Sin

“The human tongue is a two-edged sword. It speaks words of love, beauty and hope… The tongue, however, can speak fraud, slander and lies.”

In this radio address, Rabbi Olan discusses lashon hara, or slander. He warns of the danger that our words may possess, whether or not that was the original intention. He notes that gossip is usually meant to be harmless, just a simple way to pass time, yet the consequences could last a lifetime. He recalls a fable where a woman was instructed to scatter the “seeds of a thistle over all the field” after she confessed to slandering another person. The sage then asked her to pick all of the seeds up, but this was impossible as the wind had already carried the seeds far away. In much the same way, we must be mindful of what we say, because once the words are spoken, it is impossible to take them back.

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*Written by Anjelica N. Ruiz.*