How Can We Believe in God in a World Like This – II

“God may be in His heaven, but all is not well on earth.”

This sermon from April 5, 1964, is a reworking on a message originally broadcast by Rabbi Olan back on January 13, 1963 ( )

In slightly different terms, and with some expanded illustrations, Olan continued to speak of two trends that were undermining religious belief: the child-like acceptance that everything that happens (even terrible evil) is simply part of God’s plan and must be accepted, and the other end of the specturum: belief in the non-existence of God (atheism).

Olan’s suggestion: don’t let go of God, but do let go of some of the traditional understandings about God. “There are some of us who view God as limited in power, instead of omnipotent. …It appears that there are some things that God just cannot do. Certainly, if He could, like a loving father, He would.”

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