Can God Really Help?

“All man really wants to hear from God is: ‘I am.'”

On February 2, 1964 Rabbi Olan returned to some familiar themes found in many of his radio sermons: the existence of God, the nature of God, and the definition of God in modern society. Is God real? Olan says yes, but that God’s reality is different from traditional metaphores. Rather than an ethereal wish-granter, God is the very “life, mind, and purpose” of the universe.

Can God really help us? In light of the Holocaust, Olan (and many others) thought not. He concluded that God must be limited and cannot upset the orderly universe by performing miracles. If God could have interevened in the Nazis’ horrific campaign of genocide, God would have. But God did not.

Yet- God is! And belief in God is a helpful thing. It gives purpose and meaning to life. It raises our aspirations and gives us hope. The limited God of prophetic faith is a God who wants and needs our help in healing the world.

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