The Harm of Misguided Love

“This is one of the most loveless eras in human history.”

At the final paragraphs of his December 29, 1963 radio sermon, Rabbi Olan referred to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. “We, in this city, where the greatest tradedy of recent times occurred, are now called upon to love her. She is being criticized all over the world, the finger of shame is pointed at her from all corners of the globe. There are some of her citizens who resent the criticism and protest that she is no more guilty than other cities. They want to put a cloak of many colors upon her shoulders and change her image in the eyes of the world. They love her but not wisely.”

Olan introduced these thoughts by discussing American society’s shallow understanding and practice of love. To build strong families, a good nation, and a better world we are going to have to grow up and face some difficult truths.

“Love calls for discipline, if it is mature love, and requires of us that we care, respond, respect, and know. Out of this tragic hour we can arise with a sense of our shortcomings and a conviction that we want a better city – yes the city of God.”

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(Rabbi Olan quotes from Genesis 37, Proverbs 9, and Leviticus 19.)