Let There Be Light

“[Human] life is possible only where there is light.”

What comes to mind when you think about darkness and light? In his March 19, 1961 radio sermon, Rabbi Olan spoke of darkness being a fearful thing and light having the power to relieve our fears. What light was Rabbi Olan referring to? Electromagnetic radiation within the visible spectrum… and much more. For light also symbolizes knowledge, holiness, and faith. His premise was that without fostering these forms of light, humanity will not long survive.

“Life today needs some of the light of creation – the light of knowledge to drive away the demons that frighten us; the light of the holy which endows life with beauty and infuses the clay with spirit and the ordinary with the fire of the sacred; and the light of faith which burns eternally in the confidence that God is ever present and unwavering in His faithfulness to the children of men.”

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