The Widsom of Living

“To get wisdom [one’s] mind must be open to all knowledge, everywhere.”

Rabbi Olan’s February 19, 1961 radio sermon encouraged his listeners to seek something that we all need: wisdom for living. Wisdom can be found in the writings of many wise people, but we often miss it there. Some people substitute knowledge, power, riches, and consumerism for wisdom, but these are not adequate replacements. According to Rabbi Olan, the wisdom that we need for living today is found in opening our hearts and minds to others in humility and with respect. In particular, the wise in today’s world will strive to embody “the brotherhood of man,” recognizing the universal humanity and connectedness of all people.

“We are dependent one upon another. This fundamental ingredient of human existence is the foundation upon which a society of peace and concord must be erected.”
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Rabbi Olan’s promotion of brotherhood on February 19, 1961 reflects his active support of National Brotherhood Week, an annual effort to foster understanding and respect between Protestants, Catholics, and Jews. Beginning in 1936, National Brotherhood Week events were held nationwide during the third week of February. For more on the history and demise of National Brotherhood Week, see “Whatever became of National Brotherhood Week?”